See the PaceSetter’s New Features – and New Look!

The Aquaro Biosystems team has incorporated feedback from recent beta tests into the PaceSetter™ section mounting system. Take a look at the PaceSetter’s new features and appearance – available in June!

Updated Look and Features for the PaceSetter section mounting system

  • Touch Screen: The new touch screen allows users to easily input settings and save them as a program. Programmable settings include the number of sections per slide, whether sections are mounted serially or with different levels on one slide, and the temperature and time for floating and relaxing the section. The screen also displays the progress of a program, so users can quickly monitor the section/slide that the PaceSetter is processing. See a short video of the new touch screen control panel.
  • Improved Section Removal from Blade: The PaceSetter now uses a water pulse to detach sections from the blade, rather than having a section pushed off by the subsequent section. The result is more reliable detach for walkway sectioning. Hands-free sectioning also minimizes the section interaction with tools that may damage the sections. Less user manipulation means more tissue is conserved, yielding more usable sections. Lastly, this detachment method ensures that only one section is being cut, floated, and mounted at a time. See a video of the improved section removal from the blade.
  • Section Mount Sensor: A section sensor confirms that a section has been mounted. The PaceSetter pauses and alerts the user if a section is not detected, allowing the user to evaluate and address any potential issues before proceeding.
  • Vertical Slide Rack: The orientation of the slide rack has been changed from horizontal to vertical. This enhances slide drying by allowing water to drip from slides, rather than sitting on slides while others are being processed.

These updates to the PaceSetter are a result of beta user feedback to improve section quality and consistency, as well as the system’s usability and efficiency. The PaceSetter will be available in June – if you would like more information about the PaceSetter, send us a note, request a demo, or request a quote today!

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