In Case You Missed It…Latest News in Histology – October 2, 2017

Aquaro Histology was founded to help histologists to do their best work, get access to the best resources, and enjoy the best tools in the industry. So we keep our eyes on the latest histology news, trends, and developments. Here’s some of the top news and developments going on in the past month.

The Secret Life of Dodos, Revealed

Via Phys.Org. The oft-maligned and little-understood dodo has been extinct since 1680. Its disappearance sealed countless mysteries about the odd bird, all lost to science. Until now. Scientists have just discovered the answers to several questions about the birds and their lifecycle, using histological techniques.

Generation Z Will Soon be Looking for Employment Opportunities in Clinical Laboratories and Anatomic Pathology Groups

Via DarkDaily. Report after report has stated that pathology—and especially histology—professionals are steadily declining. Now, one report predicts that Generation Z (born between 1995-2005) is ideally suited for these careers. Should we expect a boom in pathology careers?

It’s About Time

Journal of Histotechnology. The FDA recently approved whole slide imaging (WSI), which scans glass slides and converts them to digital images for review. WSI is revolutionizing surgical pathology practice, and many laboratories in Europe are becoming completely digitalized. Here’s why this trend is good for pathology as a field.

Premium Tissue Processor Provides Pathology Labs a High Level of Specimen Safety with Traceability

Via Business Insider. Leica Biosystems recently announced the addition of the HistoCore PELORIS 3 Premium Tissue Processor to its full line of histology equipment and consumables. HistoCore PELORIS 3 is the world’s first tissue processor with a simple solution for tracking and tracing samples. Get the details here.

Register Now for Philips Digital Pathology US Roadshow – Orlando and San Diego Coming Soon

Via Philips has spotted the need to provide greater education on the topic of digital pathology—especially since its IntelliSite Pathology Solution has been recently approved for primary diagnostics. So Philips is organizing a US roadshow. Educators are visiting seven cities in 2017 to give pathologists deeper education on digital pathology. Orlando and San Diego are next on the tour, and registration is now open. Learn all about Digital Transformation in Pathology at Philips Live! US roadshow.

How Close Is the End of Private Practice Pathology as We’ve Known It?

Via DarkDaily. There’s a growing need for private practice pathologists to move to genetic testing and precision medicine (formerly known as personalized medicine). Payers are cutting reimbursements for anatomic pathology services, so it’s essential for every pathology group to examine its financial present and future.

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