Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big is the AquaroASM?
The AquaroASM is actually much smaller than a microtome! The footprint of the AquaroASM is 10” wide x 10” deep, and it is 15” in height.

2. What microtomes does it work with?
Currently, the AquaroASM has been demonstrated to work with motorized Leica and Microm microtomes.

3. What size blocks is the AquaroASM compatible with?
The AquaroASM is optimized to mount sections from “standard” size blocks that are approximately 24mm x 24mm.

4. In what arrangements can sections be placed on slides?
You can choose to have one or two sections placed on each slide. Sections can be placed on slides serially, or at levels with sections discarded in between. Additionally, you can place sections from different levels on one slide. If putting one section on each slide, you can have it placed on the top, middle, or bottom of the slide.

5. How many slides can be run at a time?
The AquaroASM can run programs utilizing 1 to 20 slides per run. The number of slides run can be programmed by the user using the control panel or the number of slides run can be managed by how many slides are placed into the slide rack prior to a run.

6. How can you run serial sections without the block warming?
When cutting many sections in a row, we recommend using a block cooler, such as the Leica RM CoolClamp or the Thermo Scientific Cool-Cut. These block coolers will keep your block at a steady temperature, and hydration can be applied as needed using gauze.

7. When will the AquaroASM be available?
The AquaroASM will be available soon – Late summer 2017. Sign up for a demo, request a quote, or contact us if you have any additional questions.