User-Centered Aquaro ASM Control Panel

April 2017 General PaceSetter

One of the most common pieces of feedback from beta testers of the Aquaro ASM™ section mounting system was for a touch screen control panel. They asked, we listened, and the new touch screen improves usability and readability.

The Aquaro ASM’s control panel allows users to create, edit, run, and save programs that define:

  • Temperature and time for floating of sections on warm water
  • Section mounting arrangement: serially or with multiple levels on a slide
  • Number of sections per slide: 1 or 2 (for 24x24mm sections)
  • Number of levels and number of sections between levels
  • Location of sections (for single section slides): top, middle, bottom

Check out the new control panel in this new video:

If you missed the new video of how sections are removed from the blade by the Aquaro ASM, check it out here.

The Aquaro ASM will be available in June – if you would like more information about the Aquaro ASM, send us a note, request a demo, or request a quote today!

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