Gentle Section Removal from the Blade with Water

April 2017 General histology automation, motorized microtomes, PaceSetter

The Aquaro ASM has gone through some recent updates to its features and appearance – read more about them here.

One of the most important updates to the Aquaro ASM is its method of removing sections from the blade before transferring to slides. The Aquaro ASM uses water to gently pulse individual sections off of the blade and onto a water channel. The sections are then floated onto warm water and mounted onto slides.

There are several key advantages to this water-based method of removing sections from slides:

  • Gentle: Hands-free and ribbon-free microtomy mean that tissue is not in contact with paint brushes or other tools that may damage the sections. Less user manipulation means more tissue is conserved, yielding more usable sections.
  • Reliable: The water pulse gently removes individual sections from the blade without user intervention. Users can multitask by operating multiple microtomes and Aquaro ASMs at once or focusing on other tasks, creating a more efficient laboratory. In the case that an error occurs, users are notified through visible and audible signals.
  • Safe: By removing individual sections, the Aquaro ASM ensures that only one section is cut, floated, and mounted at a time – no need for ribbons or floating multiple sections at once. This reduces any chance of sections getting mixed up. The automated sectioning also reduces the likelihood of injury from repetitive motion injuries (RMIs) and interactions with the blade.

Watch this new method of removing sections from the blade in the following video:

The Aquaro ASM will be available in June – if you would like more information about the Aquaro ASM, send us a note, request a demo, or request a quote today!

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